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Indoor Aquatics

Indoor Aquatics

We pride ourselves on the quality and selection of our livestock. Sourced from a variety of suppliers we are able to select for the best quality and competitive prices and have a huge range of popular favourites as well as plenty of unusual varieties often not seen elsewhere. A good selection of plants always in stock with floating, bunched, potted, and log/rock mounted specimens available.

Aquariums come in many sizes, shapes, and designs and we supply a lot. Whether it is a small starter tank or a full custom-built installation we can help.

We stock a huge variety of foods, treatments, and decor for your aquarium. Our experienced team will give advice on what foods or treatments are best for your circumstances.
Outdoor Aquatics

Outdoor Aquatics

We stock a massive selection on UK-grown pond plants, including a wide variety of UK natives that make excellent additions to a wildlife pond.  We have 9cm and 1 litre marginal pots, as well as 3 litre and 5 litres for instant effect in your pond. A huge selection of lilies and other deepwater varieties like Water Hawthorn. Floating species and oxygenating plants stocked as seasonally available.

Whether it’s a small goldfish or a Japanese koi, Golden Rudd or UK bred koi – we have the lot

We stock a huge amount of fish and wildlife ponds, both pre-formed and as a liner. We take orders for larger sizes and can provide for almost any size or shape. Underlay, water courses, sumps for water features – if you want water in the garden then just ask us for advice.

A large variety of solid-handling pumps, fountain pumps, water feature pumps from reliable brands – all available at competitive prices. Filtration for tiny goldfish ponds right up to huge koi systems, available in store or to order.

Heron & Predator prevention, with cover nets, floating obstacles, electric fencing and laser guards all stocked. Don’t leave your prized fish out as a snack!

We supply a wide variety of foods suitable for all pond fish including winter foods in season. High protein, sinking pellets, flake for small fish – we stock the lot.
Reptile and Exotics

Reptile and Exotics

Whether it’s a tortoise or a stick insect we’ve an amazing array of unusual pets in-store. Don’t forget to come in and say hello to Alfred our Yemen Chameleon!

We supply a range of homes for exotics, including small plastic and glass habitats right up to wooden vivariums. A selection of hide-outs, decor, and dried foods

Crickets, Locusts, Worms and Flies – we stock the lot with a regular supply of new stock. We also supply frozen rodents and chicks and can special order in anything required.

We stock both Edison Screw (ES) and Bayonet Cap (BC) heat bulbs in a multitude of colours and wattages.  UV bulbs in both fluorescent strips and compact bulbs. Electrical hardware including, thermostats, light controllers, heat mats, and much, much more – we stock the lot!
Small Animals and Birds

Small Animals and Birds

Guinea Pigs, Budgies, Canaries…. the list goes on! Pop in and talk to our expert staff and we can discuss your needs.

A huge selection of foods, toys, treats and bedding – everything you could need for your little friends.

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