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Species Availability in Tropical Fish
Anabantids: Snakeskin Gourami, Pearl (Lace) Gourami, Blue Gourami, Golden Gourami, Silver (Moonlight) Gourami, Sparkling (Pygmy) Gourami, Paradise Fish, Dwarf Gourami, Cobalt Dwarf Gourami, Flame Red Dwarf Gourami, Golden & Red Honey Gourami.
Barbs: Half-Banded, Tiger, Tiger (Green), Five Banded (Pentazona), Black Ruby, Checkerboard, Rosy, Neon Rosy, Golden, Odessa, Orange-Sided, Snakeskin (Orange-Ringed), Tinfoil, Albino Tinfoil, Denison’s (Red-Line Torpedo), Filament (Mascara), Spanner (“T”).
Bettas: Female Veiltail, Male Veiltail, Male Crowntail, Male Mascot, Male Plakat Half-Moon, Male Half-Moon.
Characins: Silver Dollar, Spotted Silver Dollar.
Cichlids (Dwarf): Kribensis, Cockatoo (Cacuatoides), Butterfly (anomalochromis thomasi).
Cichlids (Malawi): Demasoni, Yellow Labidochromis, Blue Zebra, Orange Zebra, Venustus, Peacocks.
Cichlids (Tanganyikan): Frontosa, Red Frontosa, L. Cylindricus, N. Leleupi, N. Multifasciatus (Shell-dweller),
Cichlids (American): Parrot (Natural), Parrot (Hybrid), Synspilum, Oscar, Rams, Golden Rams, Electric Blue Rams, Bolivian Rams, Firemouth, Geophagus brasiliensis, Severum (Green & Gold).
Corydoras: Bronze (Aeneus), Albino (Aeneus), Peppered (Paleatus), Panda, Sterbai, Skunk (Arcuatus), Leopard (Julii).
Danios: Zebra, Albino Zebra, Longfin Zebra, Leopard, Pearl, Glowlight, Giant, White Cloud Mountain Minnow.
Rasboras: Scissortail, Harlequin, Swallow (Espei),
Tetras: Neon, Green Neon, Black Neon, Diamond Black Neon, Cardinal, Rummy Nose, Black Widow, White Widow, Serpae, Black Phantom, Yellow Phantom, Rosy, Bleeding Heart, Congo, Yellow Congo, Columbian, Buenos Aires, Diamond, Head and Tail Light, Glowlight, Emperor, Silvertip, Penguin (Hockey-Stick), Blue, X-ray, Albino X-ray, Lemon, Flame.

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